ESD/EOS Device Development

Do you need a custom ESD device for a special IC application? Perhaps you require robust base cells for an I/O library in an advanced process? From metal gate to deep submicron processing, BiCMOS to Wireless technologies, Impulse has the means and experience over a broad range processes and product applications to design manufacturable devices that add ESD value, and will not interfere with your product's performance.

  •  ESD Cell Library Design

  •  Design Rules for ESD, latchup, and hot carrier immunity

  •  ESD Test IC design and characterization


Development Deliverables

There are absolute maximum and operating voltage ranges, leakages over temperature, size and application note for every device released. Transmission line pulse (TLP) high current I/V data and HP4145 plots are usually included if the device has been manufactured first.


Getting Started

After signing and exchanging an NDA between both companies, email or FAX the specific work request to Impulse Semiconductor. All requests are handled in the strictest confidence as stated in the Impulse NDA. If your company resides in Silicon Valley, a representative from Impulse Semiconductor can personally visit your site. Depending on the complexity of the process, device or process profiles/cross sections, electrical rules, and layout design rule information may be necessary to complete the work. All quotes and IP are handled under separate instruction depending on the scope of the work and individual nature of the request.